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Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold 'em - PS5 Platinum Review

Cross your fingers and hope your luck is in while you battle it out against a bunch of 'pretty girls' in this simple Poker simulator.

In Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold 'em you'll attempt to win card games against a number of barely clothed and giant breasted girls to unlock new challenges against more barely clothed, giant breasted girls. The gameplay involves playing poker matches against each of them and most of the trophies will unlock naturally while you play. You'll have to win a match against each of the first 4 girls in order to unlock Stage 2 where you can then play against 3 more for the remaining trophies.

The Platinum isn't difficult and essentially requires you to play against each of the first 7 girls, play 15 matches in total and win 3. None of this is a problem and it'll mostly all come naturally within an hour of play but you do need to completely win against the first 4 girls (clearing all 3 of the other players out of the game) to unlock the next 3 so this will probably be themost time consuming part of the game. Thankfully you don't really have to concentrate on winning properly as you can just go all-in on every hand and eventually your luck will come in and you'll win.


  • Release Date: 16th September, 2021
  • Publisher: eastasiasoft
  • Developer: ZOO Corporation
  • Date Started: 16th September, 2021
  • Date Completed: 16th September, 2021
  • Version Played: Digital
  • Price: £4.99 (PS4 & PS5 Bundle)

The Good

  • Nice musical soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Simple and straightforward gameplay.
  • Relaxing to play with no real difficulty or pressure.
  • Failing to win allows you to quickly restart the level and jump in for another attempt.
  • The PS4 and PS5 versions are bundled together offering two Platinums for one purchase.

The Bad

  • Unless you're an expert poker player - which I'm certainly not - you'll essentially just rely on blind luck to win against each character.
  • The whole game is essentially the same thing, once you've played one hand you'll know what you're doing for the rest of it.
  • The girls' voices can get quite annoying if you end up needing to play a lot of hands.

Hardest Trophy

  • Ayumi - Play against Ayumi.

In order to get to Ayumi you'll need to beat the first 4 girls who can be found on Stage 1 - Arisu, Miku, Tera and Marika. Beating each of them will display quarter of a larger image and once it's fully uncovered, the next stage will be unlocked. You don't even need to beat any of the girls on Stage 2, just go all-in and whether you win or lose, the trophy will pop but the reason this is the hardest trophy is mostly because it'll probably be the last one you get. Beating the first 4 girls will be the majority of the time spent in this game.

Helpful Tips / Bugs / Glitches / Exploits

I can't offer too many tips on how to win properly at poker because firstly I've never really played it, and secondly, I don't appear to be that good, but in this game it generally just comes down to luck. If you just want to get through with as little stress as possible, the best way is to just slide your bet to full and go all-in on the first go. You'll either win immediately or you'll lose and need to restart the poker match but if your luck is in, you'll be able to beat each of the characters in a few attempts without even thinking.

Usually one or two of the other characters will also go all-in on the first go, so if you win you'll immediately knock them out of the game. If you're really lucky, all three characters will go all-in and you can win the whole round in a single attempt. More often than not though you'll be left one-on-one with the girl you're challenging and if you go all-in, she'll usually just fold straight away meaning you only take her chips down by 2 each time which isn't great when she'll have somewhere around 100. You need to try and tempt her into upping her bet by increasing your stake by around 20 chips. She'll usually follow suit, then you can go all-in (or at least bet more than she can afford) and most of the time she'll fold, meaning you've taken those 20 chips off her. Do this a few times until she's running low then you'll just need to get lucky that when she goes all-in with her last chips, you win and knock her out of the game.

Platinum Difficulty Rating - 2/10


Most of the trophies come down to luck, but with enough attempts of going all-in you'll eventually beat all of the characters without too many problems.

Platinum Time - 20+ Minutes

Depending on how lucky you are, it may be possible to grab the Platinum in 15 minutes or so, but if you need 5-10 attempts to win against each character than you might be looking at an hour or more. The game isn't difficult though and it's quite fun to see how everyone does on each hand so it doesn't feel like too much of a grind.

Platinum Enjoyment Rating - 7/10

Because it's fairly luck-based, there's not really a quick way through the game so that's the only real negative to grabbing the Platinum. If you enjoy poker then you'll probably find it quite a fun, if not simplified simulation.

Overall Game Rating - 8/10

For what it is, the game is well made and quite fun. I'm not sure how many people would buy this because they loved poker versus just wanting the quick and easy trophies that come with it, but for the price I definitely think you'll get your money's worth so I'd recommend it.

Platinum #713

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16th September 2021
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16th September 2021
711 Pretty Girls Panic!
15th September 2021
710 Pretty Girls Panic!
15th September 2021
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14th September 2021
708 ZJ the Ball: Level 5
12th September 2021
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11th September 2021
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