My Projects

Click the thumbnail images below for a more detailed look at my projects. Contact me if you'd like any extra information on anything I've worked on.


Work Project 2020+

Built a multi-purpose e-commerce system from scratch, primarily aimed at Takeaways to take online orders, but new features are added on a weekly basis including table service ordering.


Personal Project 2012+

This very website. I converted my old static portfolio into a content management system including a custom built blog in 2018.


Work Project 2017+

Redeveloped the full website making it responsive for mobile devices, hugely improved the backend system with a 10x increase in search speed, built new features into the custom CMS.

Compare Student Rooms

Work Project 2017+

Developed a student accommodation comparison website with a number of backends for clients to manage their properties and accept viewing requests. Also built a new content management system from scratch using Slim PHP Framework which would go on to be used in most future development.

Psyware Predictor

Personal Project 2016+

I built a Premier League football score predicting website with an algorithm which awards points based on correct scores, results and goal difference.

Mailing List Admin

Work Project 2007+

I developed a bespoke email newsletter system with templates, open & click tracking, subscriber stats and support for multiple different mailing lists from one main system. Started in 2007 and went through major redevelopment in 2016.

iOS Game: Protagonist
iOS Game Development

Personal Project 2014-15

I learned my way around Objective-C, Xcode and SpriteKit and began developing my own 2D game engine

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Social Club: GTA V Overview
Rockstar Games Social Club

Work Project 2012-14

I was heavily involved in the Grand Theft Auto V section, working on almost every page and involved in the design process.

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Rockstar North: Header

Work Project 2012

I converted the design into a web template and added the content with a variety of jQuery plugins. The website was built to be responsive.

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Personal Project 2011+

A Grand Theft Auto V fan-site which I created for my final year project at Uni. It was built with user experience and SEO in mind.

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ULookUBook: Home Page

Work Project 2011+

New website template, new holiday search, custom CMS, SEO, XML feeds.

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LA Noire: Content Listing

Personal Project 2010

Created and formatted content. All hard-coded. This website is no longer online.

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Holiday Discount Centre: Home Page

Work Project 2010+

Redesigned and developed, SEO, custom CMS with full website management via admin. Also converted the website into a holiday comparison site with millions of offers.

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Personal Project 2010+

Launched new website with new design and modified functionality using my iGTA CMS.

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Personal Project 2009+

Huge custom built CMS with many features including user content submission, bb-code editor, dynamically generated images, website achievements, stat tracking, recent website activity, user blog and status updates, user yearbook, user image uploading, news feeds, custom templates for every game, notification system, full admin panel to manage content and user submissions. Over 1 year in development and by far the most complex system I'd ever built.

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GTA4.TV: Home Page

Personal Project 2006+

Basic database driven website with admin panel. Custom CMS.

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Personal Project 2003+

Very basic PHP website, mainly hard-coded with a strong focus on content. Still ranks well and receives a huge amount of traffic today despite the terrible HTML!

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