A qualified web developer, I have been building and maintaining websites for close to fifteen years - with eight years commercial experience in web development. I have worked with numerous technologies including PHP & MySQL, C# .Net, MSSQL and Javascript and also have a solid understanding of HTML5 & CSS3 with Responsive Web Development. I graduated from Northumbria University in July 2011 with First Class Honours in Web Design & Development. Read more about my education.

I specialise in bespoke solutions and content management systems, preferring to build from scratch rather than modifying an off the shelf product because of the security and flexibility it brings. Although the development may take longer initially, the final product is often easier to tweak going forward and with private source code comes additional security.

I'm grateful to have worked for some great companies in my time and have learnt a lot of new skills while also bringing a lot to my roles there. Click below to read more about my work experience and click here for an in-depth look at some of my projects.

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