Work Experience

Holiday Discount Centre - Senior Web Developer

In my job at Holiday Discount Centre (2007-2012) I was the senior developer responsible for building all of their content management systems (PHP & C#), managing their servers, databases and domain names, ensuring the websites were well optimised for SEO and was also involved in designs for websites, newsletters and other media. I also did some work on a mobile version of their website using jQuery mobile.

Rockstar Games / Rockstar North - Web Developer

While working at Rockstar North (2012-2014) I worked as part of a large team of designers and developers where I was involved in numerous projects, including building the front end of the new site and was primarily focused on the Grand Theft Auto V section of the Rockstar Games Social Club website where I developed game related content. I was responsible for communicating with the game team and ensuring data was made available from the game to the online services which could be used to generate pages on the website. I would then retrieve data from the online services, parse it and use it to create interesting content across various sections using a variety of technologies and jQuery plugins. I was responsible for designing and maintaining the story mission ranking system which awards a score and leaderboard rank based on how a player completes a mission in the game.

Personal Project - iOS Game Development

After leaving Rockstar North in 2014, I took some time away from web development and began learning how to develop applications and specifically games for iOS devices using Objective-C and SpriteKit. I am currently in the process of building my own game from scratch with two designers which I hope to complete and release at some point in 2015. It has been an exciting project so far and has taught me a lot about project management.

Previous Projects - Web Development

Previous experience has included developing numerous personal websites about video games, creating their content management systems and content from scratch and building up the communities into some of the most popular gaming websites in their respective categories. While I still have access to these websites and occasionally help out with minor developments, I no longer actively run them. The websites have been known to attract over 1 million unique visitors per month.

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