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Highschool Romance - PS5 Platinum Review

Can you guide Shoji through his final year of high school... at an all-girls school? Find out in this quick and fun 5 minute Platinum.

Highschool Romance follows the story of a guy called Shoji who is due to attend his final year of high school, however after a mix-up by his parents, namely his mother who marked him as "female" on the entry forms, he's actually been scheduled to attend an all-girls boarding school. Because of the potential delays to his graduation and the financial costs of backing out, the female principle decides the only solution is for him to pretend to be a girl and get through the year undercover. Will Shoji make it through the year undetected and most importantly, will he make friends or even find love?

As is the standard for most of Gamuzumi's published games, it follows a basic visual novel format with a variety of settings you can change to increase the speed of the text or to allow you to skip to important choices. There are a number of dialogue choices you'll have to make as you work through the story, but with the fast forward functionality and a walkthrough (which you'll find below), the Platinum can be yours within 5 minutes.


  • Release Date: 9th September, 2021
  • Publisher: Gamuzumi
  • Developer: Dharker Studios
  • Date Started: 9th September, 2021
  • Date Completed: 9th September, 2021
  • Version Played: Digital
  • Price: £9.99 (PS4 & PS5 Version Bundle)
  • Note: Gamuzumi were kind enough to provide a copy of the game for me to review.

The Good

  • The PS4 and PS5 version are bundled together meaning two Platinum trophies are available.
  • If you want to fast forward through the story, the Platinum can be yours in around 5 minutes!
  • Varied background scenery with a number of different setting locations.
  • A nice musical soundtrack that sets the upbeat tone for the game.
  • Lots of artwork to unlock in the gallery showing off a variety of outfits for the different characters.

The Bad

  • The game will require 3 playthroughs, or 2 full plays and one partial if you make a tactical save.
  • Lea's eyes make her look cross-eyed!

Hardest Trophy

  • Hoshi True Love - Completed the game and found love with Hoshi.

None of the trophies are in any way difficult and you'll get them all by reaching the three different endings for the story, however if you follow the guide laid out below, this will be the last trophy which will pop before the Platinum.

Helpful Tips / Bugs / Glitches / Exploits

No exploits are required. If you're looking for a fast Platinum, head into the settings before you start and copy the image below, then press R1 to skip the story then answer with the correct dialogue choices listed in my walkthrough below then press R1 to continue skipping to the next dialogue choice. You'll want to increase Text Speed to the max and Skip All Messages in the settings.


Platinum Trophy Walkthrough

All three endings are required but following the guide below will help you grab the Platinum. The [number] at the start of each dialogue choice is the number of the choice required, with 1 being the top option.

Lea's Route

  • Start New Game
  • [1] "I'll do what I have to."
    • TROPHY: Shopping
  • [1] "Only if you do first."
    • TROPHY: Shocked
  • [2] "Leave her to it."
  • [2] "Go Running."
    • TROPHY: Go Running
  • Save Game #1 (Optional)
  • [2] "Let her win."
  • [3] "Risque Underwear"
  • [2] "Cough."
    • TROPHY: Kiss Lea
  • [2] "Finish the race."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [2] "Sure, I'd be glad to go."
    • TROPHY: Lea's Yukata
  • [2] "It's very nice."
  • [2] "No."
  • [1] "Park."
  • [1] "Classical."
  • [2] "Say Nothing."
    • TROPHY: Kiss Selina
  • [2] "I'm still interested."
    • TROPHY: Be A Maid
  • [2] "Pervy."
  • [2] "Show me how."
  • [1] "Selina."
  • [2] "Let it be."
  • [3] "Lea."
    • TROPHY: Lea True Love

Selina's Route

  • Load Save File 1 (If saved, otherwise start a new game and follow Lea's Route above until Save Game #1)
  • [1] "Try to win."
    • TROPHY: Picnic
  • [1] "Stop and help."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
  • [2] "Help Selina."
    • TROPHY: Festival
  • [2] "No."
  • [1] "Park."
  • [2] "Pop Music."
  • [1] "Admit the truth."
  • [1] "Selina."
  • [2] "Let it be."
  • [2] "Selina."
    • TROPHY: Selina True Love

Hoshi Route

  • Start New Game
  • [2] "Heck no."
  • [2] "I lost mine."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [1] "Play Tennis."
    • TROPHY: Play Tennis
  • [1] "Invite Hoshi to karaoke."
  • [2] "Sexy bra."
    • TROPHY: Fallen Kiss
  • [2] "Finish the race."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [1] "Help Hoshi."
  • [1] "Yes."
  • [1] "Park."
  • [1] "Classical."
  • [2] "Say nothing."
  • [2] "Hoshi."
  • [2] "Leave Selina alone."
  • [1] "Hoshi."
    • TROPHY: Hoshi True Love

Platinum Difficulty Rating - 1/10


It's very simple. Just read (or skip) through the story 3 times and make your dialogue choices. Follow the walkthrough above and you'll have the Platinum in a matter of minutes. If you want to play it properly, you will have to be careful with your choices as they do affect the outcome.

Platinum Time - 5 Minutes

Skipping the story and quickly choosing the dialogue options I mentioned in the helpful tips section above will allow you to unlock the Platinum in around 5 minutes. I personally managed to grab the Platinum in 4 minutes 5 seconds. Playing through and reading the story properly will obviously depend on your reading speed, but it should take somewhere around 3 hours.

Platinum Enjoyment Rating - 10/10

An incredibly easy Platinum trophy (or two of them if you include the PS4 and PS5 version). It requires at least 2 and a bit playthroughs, but given the whole story can be skipped in under 2 minutes when using a guide, everyone who plays this game should come out with the Platinum trophy.

Overall Game Rating - 9/10

The story was quite entertaining and not too far-fetched. The background scenery was good and the characters and dialogue are interesting and unique. It's a fun and short visual novel with 2 very quick Platinum trophies available if you're willing to pay £10 for the game which personally I feel is a little bit steep, but if you're a fan of visual novels, this is a pretty good one. Enjoy some images from the in-game gallery below.

Platinum #706

Here are my most recent Platinum Trophies up to and including this game.

# Game Date
706 Highschool Romance
9th September 2021
705 Highschool Romance
9th September 2021
704 7'scarlet
6th September 2021
703 ZJ the Ball: Level 4
6th September 2021
702 Pachi Pachi on a roll
4th September 2021
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