March 09th, 2021 by Simon Elliott

Dreaming Sarah - PS5 Platinum Review

Dreaming Sarah is a peaceful and relaxing 2D platformer with no combat and almost no dangers.

Simply take your time and find a variety of hidden items, some of which contain special abilities which you'll need to progress the story. There's an umbrella that grants you the ability to glide across longer gaps, a magnifying glass which allows you to shrink down to a tiny size to walk through tunnels and some special glasses which help you see things that aren't there amongst others.


  • Release Date: 5th March, 2021
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL
  • Date Started: 9th March, 2021
  • Date Completed: 9th March, 2021
  • Version Played: Digital
  • Price: £3.99 (PS4 & PS5 Version Bundle)

The Good

  • Beautiful pixel art level design.
  • Peaceful and relaxing soundtrack.
  • Quick and easy.
  • There is no combat or enemies and any deaths from hazards simply cause you to respawn nearby.
  • Two Platinum's for the price of one.


The Bad

  • The game is a bit trippy and doesn't really make much sense.
  • If there's a story, I'm not exactly sure what it is.

Hardest Trophy

  • The end - Finish the game.

The whole game is straight forward, especially if you follow a guide. Some of the collectables might be missable but personally I got everything in a single playthrough. I'm just making this the most difficult trophy as you'll have to get all of the required items in order to complete the story. I'm not actually too sure how difficult it would be with no prior knowledge as I followed a video from the start.

Helpful Tips / Bugs / Glitches / Exploits

None that I'm aware of and you don't need any as the game is simple enough.

Platinum Difficulty Rating - 1/10


There's no challenge here at all, especially with a guide. Just enjoy the journey and grab the Platinum!

Platinum Time - 30 Mins - 1 Hour

Following a video walkthrough you'll easily be able to complete the game in under an hour. The video I watched only lasted 30 minutes so if you know what you're doing I expect it should take no longer than that.

Platinum Enjoyment Rating - 10/10

Usually when games are very easy, they're not always enjoyable but this one was pretty fun. I had no second thoughts about playing through a second time for the PS4 Platinum.

Overall Game Rating - 7/10

The game is very simple, but I really enjoyed it. The controls are smooth, the soundtrack is relaxing and the graphics are nicely designed. There are a lot of different areas to explore and although there's no challenge in terms of combat, it's actually pretty nice. 

Platinum #507

Here are my most recent Platinum Trophies up to and including this game.

Platinum # Game Platform Date
507 Dreaming Sarah PS5 9th March 2021
506 Dungeons & Bombs PS5 9th March 2021
505 Thunderflash PS4 8th March 2021
504 Thunderflash PS5 8th March 2021
503 Ascendshaft and Endless Shaft PS4 8th March 2021
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