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Dating Life: Miley x Emily - PS5 Platinum Review

Control Miley as she ends up accidentally dating a girl called Emily following a mix up with her dating profile in this 3-minute Platinum.

Miley hasn't dated for years, so imagine her surprise when despite being completely heterosexual, she accidentally arranges a date with another woman. After incorrectly entering her name as 'Miles' and using an old photo with shorter hair on the dating app, she ends up face to face with Emily who is also expecting a date with a man. Since they're already there, the girls decide to 'just go with it' and enjoy their night together.

Throughout the story Miley will have to make key decisions which affect how the date progresses, what happens next and most importantly how the date will end. Will the mix up lead to a lasting lesbian romance or will this date be the first and only?

The story has 5 possible endings and playing through them all while reading all of the story dialogue will take around 2 hours, but the game can be fast-forwarded and Platinum'd in around 3 minutes with some tactical saving if that's your main objective.

It follows the standard visual novel format which Gamuzumi have in their other published games. You'll read the thoughts and speech of the characters and occasionally make a choice about what to say next which will change the outcome of the story. There are a variety of settings to make the game quicker to get through such as allowing you to skip all text to the next choice. You can also save your game at any time, so tactical saving before making a choice is a good option for the quickest route to Platinum.


  • Release Date: 5th August, 2021
  • Publisher: Gamuzumi
  • Developer: Dharker Studio
  • Date Started: 4th August, 2021
  • Date Completed: 4th August, 2021
  • Version Played: Digital
  • Price: £7.99 (PS4 & PS5 Version Bundle)
  • Note: Gamuzumi were kind enough to provide a copy of the game for me to review.

The Good

  • The PS4 and PS5 version are bundled together meaning two Platinum trophies are available.
  • If you want to fast forward through the story, the Platinum can be yours in under 5 minutes!
  • The story is pretty short with each route taking around 20 minutes to read or under a minute to skip.
  • It's a unique story and easy to follow with some well written dialogue.

The Bad

  • Not an awful lot of scenes in the game. The majority of the dialogue will take place on the same static backgrounds and the characters expressions don't change very often.
  • A short story is good for Platinuming, but if you're interested in visual novels, some of which can be dozens of hours long, this one won't keep you occupied for much longer than a few hours.

Hardest Trophy

  • Neutral Ending - Unlock the Neutral Ending

None of the trophies are difficult or missable. You can make tactical saves (explained below) or just fast forward through the story multiple times. The Neutral Ending seems to require the most dialogue choices to get to which is why I've made it the hardest trophy, but follow the mini-walkthrough below and you'll be done with all of the trophies in no time.

Helpful Tips / Bugs / Glitches / Exploits

No exploits are required. If you're looking for a fast Platinum, head into the settings before you start and copy the image below, then press R1 to skip the story. Make the following choices and save when instructed and you'll have the Platinum in a few minutes.

You want to skip Unseen Text, After Choices and Transitions, and increase the Text Speed and Auto-Forward Time to the maximum.


All Endings Walkthrough


Best Ending

  • I work in psychology.
  • Try to keep up.
  • Not really.
    • SAVE THE GAME (Slot #1)
  • Offer to split the bill.
  • Let's stay for the show.
    • SAVE THE GAME (Slot #2)
  • Grind against her.

Good Ending

  • LOAD SAVE GAME (Slot #2) - or follow 'Best Ending' up to Save Game #2
  • Kiss her.

Neutral Ending

  • LOAD SAVE GAME (Slot #1) - or follow 'Best Ending' up to Save Game #1
  • Insist you buy dinner.
  • SAVE THE GAME (Slot #3)
  • Order wine.
  • I don't blush easy.
  • SAVE THE GAME (Slot #4)
  • Break the silence.

Odd Ending

  • LOAD SAVE GAME (Slot #3) - or follow 'Best Ending' up to Save Game #1 then 'Neutral Ending' up to Save Game #3
  • Order bourbon.

Bad Ending

  • LOAD SAVE GAME (Slot #4) - or follow 'Best Ending' up to Save Game #2 then 'Neutral Ending' up to Save Game #4
  • Keep eating.

Platinum Difficulty Rating - 1/10


It's very simple. Just read (or skip) through the story and make the dialogue choices outlined above for each of the 5 endings.

Platinum Time - 3 Minutes

Skipping the story, using tactical saves and choosing the dialogue options I mentioned in the helpful tips section above will allow you to unlock the Platinum in around 3-5 minutes. Playing through and reading the story properly with all of the different endings will obviously depend on your reading speed, but it should take somewhere around 2 hours.

Platinum Enjoyment Rating - 10/10

Another easy Platinum trophy (or two of them if you include the PS4 and PS5 version) with a unique and intriguing story to read along with it. It's not quite a one-button-press Platinum, but there aren't many choices to make so if you start this game, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get the Platinum.

Overall Game Rating - 7/10

The story is very short, but it is fairly entertaining. There isn't much in the way of animation or different scenery so it's more like reading a book than watching a show, but it's well written and won't take you too long to get through. Despite Gamuzumi's previous games being quite lewd, there isn't really much adult content in this one and it's more about the dating simulation and human interaction with a bit of innuendo rather than scantily clad women who are popping out of their clothes. Personally I think £7.99 is a little bit steep for how short the story is, but there's 2 easy and quick Platinums so if you're happy paying £4 per Platinum then it could be right up your street.

Platinum #660

Here are my most recent Platinum Trophies up to and including this game.

# Game Date
660 Dating Life: Miley x Emily
4th August 2021
659 Dating Life: Miley x Emily
4th August 2021
658 Tokyo Run
4th August 2021
657 Task Force Kampas
3rd August 2021
656 0 Degrees
2nd August 2021
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